About Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam Park DDS, Certified, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

I grew up in Michigan and spent most of my youth in the suburbs of Detroit. I attended Kalamazoo College for my undergraduate studies and eventually found my way to Chicago for dental school. During my 4 years in training at the Northwestern University Dental School, I fell in love with the Windy City. Although my pediatric residency required me to move to Ohio to continue my training at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, upon completion, I came right back to where my dental journey started. I joined my current practice in 2002 and immediately felt at home. Since my return to Chicago, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to work with children in settings outside of the office. Through Lakeview Church, I was able to practice dentistry overseas in Belize (2002) and Nicaragua (2004 and 2005), helping the poor and underprivileged with their critical dental needs. I also volunteered time at the Lawndale Christian Health Center to serve the dental needs of the children in the surrounding communities. In addition, I enjoy working as an associate clinical professor in the pediatric dental department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am happily married and enjoy spending time with my wife, Karen, son, Christian and daughters, Karis and Grace. I am also a dedicated sports fan—though I love Chicago, I cannot give up my loyalty to my beloved Detroit sports teams. I also enjoy playing volleyball and basketball, eating Indian food, and watching sports on television.

You can contact me at [email protected]