Our Technology

Children’s Dental World embraces technology in an effort to create the best possible
environment for a successful, positive visit. Technology such as a panoramic X-ray
and digital radiography imaging use less radiation to capture images. A digital image
capturing device is used in lieu of X-ray film and produces quicker imaging while
reducing costs.

Paperless charting and e-claims filing eliminate the need for paper documents. Paperless
charting means client records are kept on digital file and are quick and easy to find. Our E-claims filing system gives parents a simple way to file an insurance claim without filling out several pages of forms.

TV’s in the treatment rooms (on the walls and ceilings) are used to distract children during dental procedures and help calm nervous patients. Children’s Dental World has a large DVD library with Disney movies and more available selections. Free WiFi is available, and there are even iPads for children.