Why Taking Care of Milk Teeth Is Crucial

Although babies’ teeth aren’t visible at birth, they’re there – already formed under the gums, waiting until around six months of age to start coming in. These milk teeth, or “baby teeth,” along with the gums and tongue, are vitally important for eating and speaking. In addition, milk teeth hold space for permanent teeth, which begin coming in at five to six years. And cleaning babies’ teeth early on helps

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Take the Fear out of Dentist’s Visits

Regular visits to the dentist’s office are necessary for keeping teeth healthy and promoting good oral hygiene. But a trip to the dentist can be scary for kids. The unfamiliar surroundings, people, and instruments can be overwhelming and frightening. However, your child may visit the dentist at least ten times before ever starting school, so it makes sense to make these visits as easy and fun for your child as

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How Often Should My Child See a Dentist?

It can be difficult to know how much dental care a child needs. Parents usually have many questions, such as when their child should first visit the dentist, at what age flossing should begin, and how often dental checkups should occur.
Taking care of your child’s teeth begins before the first dentist visit; in fact, it begins before your child ever has any visible teeth. Your baby is born with

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Enamel And Your Child’s Teeth

Tooth enamel, or the outside, hard part of your child’s teeth, is one of the most important parts of the tooth. Enamel protects the soft inside of the tooth, which is especially vital in children who might not understand how to protect their teeth quite yet. Sometimes, enamel can wear down and begin to expose the sensitive parts of the tooth. Other times, your child’s teeth may appear discolored, with

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You Should Be Taking Care Of Your Child After A Dental Visit

Children should begin going to the dentist shortly after the break through of their first tooth. Normally, the rule for children is to visit the dentist by their first birthday. Children who may develop teeth faster or be more at risk for childhood cavities will probably want to see a dentist sooner. Going to the dentist can be a difficult time for some, but parents can make those visits better

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