When to bring your child to the dentist for their first visit?

Most experts agree a child’s first dental visit should be before age 1, or when their first tooth appears. This is especially true for children with a high risk of early childhood cavities. Parents with a history of oral health issues should be vigilant with their child’s oral health care and make sure their child sees a dentist at the proper time. After the first visit, children need to see a pediatric dentist for regular bi-annual checkups.

Visiting a pediatric dentist for the first time is an educational experience for parents and a chance for both dentist and child to establish the beginnings of a positive dental relationship. By involving a pediatric dentist in a child’s life on a regular checkup basis, parents can rest assured their child has the expertise and experience of a trained professional on hand.

Pediatric dentists use a child’s first visit and subsequent bi-annual checkup visits to monitor children’s oral growth and to continuously educate parents on proper oral care and habits for their child. By staying involved, parents and pediatric dentists have a great opportunity to promote the positive aspects of dental care to children. Creating that positive outlook is crucial to maintaining the best possible oral care throughout that child’s lifetime.

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