The Benefits of Dairy

When you were young, you may have heard from your mother that in order to grow strong bones you needed to drink your milk. Well, mother was right. Drinking milk or getting enough dairy products is absolutely essential to young children whose bones and teeth are still growing. There are several benefits to getting the recommended daily allowance of dairy. Strong bones and teeth are one.

To understand why dairy is so important, especially to teeth, it will help to understand the structure of a tooth. The inside of the tooth is made up of blood vessels and nerves surrounded by dentine, which is a calcified tissue. The outermost layer is the enamel, or the white part of the teeth that we all see. That enamel is mostly made up of minerals such as calcium phosphate. A great source of calcium, of course, is milk and other dairy products.

While consuming dairy products can promote strong bones and teeth, it will also help to prevent tooth decay. Eating cheese after a meal has been shown to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. The calcium and phosphate from the cheese works to prevent acid from clinging to teeth. It is that acid that will break down the enamel of teeth.

Consuming dairy products also has some other benefits such as helping to reduce the risk of diabetes. Those who drink milk and eat more dairy are known to sleep better. A protein in milk may help to improve the quality of one’s sleep. Consuming dairy products also makes one feel fuller and can help to control one’s appetite.

To get the benefits of consuming dairy products, it is recommended that children under the age of eight receive at least two-and-a-half cups per day. Children over the age of eight and adults should consume three cups of dairy per day.