All Gummy Vitamins Are Not Created Equally

Believe it or not, gummy vitamins have been around since the 1960s when efforts began to make the consumption of vitamins friendlier to kids. Instead of those large, boring adult-looking vitamins, children could now choose from colorful and tasty vitamins in a variety of sizes and shapes. The gummy vitamin has gained in popularity over time and is a big part of many children’s diets today. All gummy vitamins are not created equally though, and parents should be aware.


Vitamins and Levels

Gummy vitamins will contain most of the major water soluble vitamins including vitamin A, C, D and E as well as many of the B vitamins. Gummy versions of vitamins will not contain many of the minerals that solid vitamins do. Most do not contain iron, and none contain calcium. In young children, the consumption of milk has always been viewed as enough dietary calcium.

From brand to brand, the types and levels of vitamins will vary. For instance, one brand of gummy vitamin may include vitamin E while another may not. One brand may contain 100 percent of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin C, yet another brand only contains 50 percent. Parents should make sure they read labels before purchasing a gummy vitamin supplement.


Gummy Vitamins Can Be Bad For Teeth

Yes, gummy vitamins can provide vitamins and minerals that our vital to daily functions, but there are other ingredients in gummy vitamins that can be harmful to the teeth. Gummy vitamins marketed toward kids contain sugar, usually in the form of glucose, to make them sweet. Even though it is a vitamin, it is still a sugary substance.

There are numerous sugar-free gummy vitamins on the market. Parents should not be fooled by these varieties. Even though they do not contain sugar, they do contain citric acid, which makes the vitamins taste sweet, but also can be harmful to teeth. This is similar to diet soft drinks. Even though those soft drinks do not have sugar, they have high amounts of acid that help to promote tooth decay. Parents need to be wary of the ingredients of gummy vitamins and make sure their children develop good hygiene habits.

Since all gummy vitamins are not created equally, parents might want to consult their pediatrician or doctor before giving them to their children. Parents may even want to try another option first and only use gummy vitamins as a last ditch effort.