Why choose a pediatric dentist over a family dentist?

When it’s time to take a child for their first visit to the dentist, choosing the right dental office can be tricky. Most parents have a trusted family dentist and he or she is the first option that pops into mind. However, choosing a family dentist may not be the best option for a child. Instead, it may be best to find a qualified pediatric dentist.

Pediatric dentists are specialized. They have received two to three more years of specialty training in addition to that required by a family dentist. Their practices are generally focused solely on oral care for infants and children, including children with special needs and they are committed to providing children with enjoyable, positive dental experiences.

One of the biggest reasons to choose a pediatric dentist over a family dentist is their extensive knowledge and understanding of the oral health and growth of children’s teeth. Parents choosing pediatric dentists will have the added benefit of knowing their child is in the hands of someone with a high level of specialized training and commitment. In addition, pediatric dentists are educators. A large part of their job is to provide parents with the necessary information to properly care for their child’s ongoing oral health and well-being.

Family dentists are fully trained professionals and generally provide a high level of oral care for adults. However, they lack the advantage of the extra training required by pediatric dentists and seldom have the time to focus on creating the same comforting atmosphere children often need to lose their fear of dental visits.

Overall, pediatric dentistry is the best choice for parents trying to provide top of the line oral care for their child.